Christmas is fast approaching and its time to worry about the decorations to enter this magical time. These flashing Christmas Baubles with full color print are everything that your Christmas tree wishes. This promotional product is ideal for decorating family time, these will amaze children, thanks to very eye-catching and funny full color printed pictures of snow-mans enjoying this time of year on a cold winter.

Flashing Christmas Baubles with Full Colour Print

Flashing Christmas Baubles with Full Colour Print

Easy to hang on the Christmas tree, young and old alike will get caught up in the game of decoration. Customers will love the flashes coming from the baubles and this won’t leave their guests indifferent about their Christmas tree.

Flashing Christmas Baubles with Full Colour Print

Flashing Christmas Baubles with Full Colour Print

These baubles can be branded with your logo and Christmas theme colors can be matched to any brand for a good ornament idea. The company will be part of a unique time shared in family.

Another Christmas bauble that we really like is this branded tech Bluetooth speaker Christmas ornament. It brings excitement to customers and adds fun to your Christmas gift-giving.

Flashing Christmas Baubles 1


Flashing Christmas Baubles 2


Feel and relish in the Christmas vibes as you listen to the Christmas carols. The creative designs and colors of these Christmas ornaments add beautiful visual effects and joyful noise around.

Flashing Christmas Baubles 3


Flashing Christmas Baubles 4


One tradition during Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree in front of the family gathering while we eat and celebrate. We know that your customer would love to receive a thoughtful, practical gift from your company, improving their celebration.


Flashing Christmas Baubles 5


Flashing Christmas Baubles 6

Kickstart your Christmas promo preparations ahead of your competition and quote this product, ODM-3721. ODM will be more than happy to assist with any inqueries you may have.

Why do we like these Flashing Christmas Baubles ?

  • Design appeal. You will be able to customize these flashing Christmas baubles with full color print, your logo and at your convenience, with a large choice of Christmas theme designs around it. The flash on baubles will definitely catch customers attention and this will help boost your communication.
  • Attracts customers. Christmas baubles are essential items at this time of year and this is why you should think about this for your marketing communication campaign. The added value of these baubles lies in the very attractive flashes emitted by the product.
  • High-quality. Very high-end, these balls will keep your customers’ company for a couple of years. This will allow your brand to exist in time such an old book, and this is not negligible.

At ODM we have significant experience in product designsourcing and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about flashing Christmas baubles. Use reference code ODM-1534 to get a quotation!

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