France Toner, a famous French cartridge reseller, is having not 1 but 4 gift with purchase promotions (GWP) now!

GWP France Toner – France

Here is how you can receive the items:

  • Spend 39.99 €uros to receive a beach ball
  • Spend 500 €uros to receive a barbeque set
  • Spend 1500 €uros to receive a toaster
  • Spend 2500 €uros to receive a blu-ray DVD player

It is a good way to increase sales by offering GWP Promotions to customers and four different gifts would no doubt ensure a successful promotion. Moreover, these products can cater to a wide range of people.

What do you think of these gifts?

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For our French readers:

Nous avons là une promotion de France Toner. L’entreprise revendeuse de cartouche d’imprimante propose à ses clients d’obtenir gratuitement une balle de plage, un barbecue, une friteuse ou encore un lecteur DVD Blu Ray, pour des achats s’étalant de 39.99 EUR (ballon de plage) à 2500 EUR (Lecteur DVD Blu Ray). La diversité des cadeaux proposés par France Toner fait la force de cette promotion.