Sigma is a Japanese company, manufacturing cameras. The company is best known for producing lenses and other photographic accessories that are compatible with the cameras produced by other companies. Promotional calendar keeps your logo and brand information in front of your customers all year long. Sigma is offering a gift with purchase. Simply spend $60 and more to receive a free calendar.

Gift With Purchase by Sigma: Calendar

Gift With Purchase by Sigma: Calendar

How can gift with purchase boost brand awareness?

There is no office without one of these, so why not give them away as a gift with purchase. The ODM offers you the big range of promotional calendars with your company’s logo on them. Do you agree that calendars are something that every household could use? Moreover, calendars are long lasting promotional gift that catches your eyes every single day, making it an efficient advertising tool and a perfect brand reminder!

This inexpensive gift with purchase not only keeps customers coming back but it also appeals new customers all year long. Furthermore, calendars can be very effective promotions if there is something for consumers to look forward monthly. This gift is an ideal way to create proximity with your clients, to make them think about you and surprise them every day.

Here are some reasons why ODM loves these promotional products:

  • Cost effective
  • Highly customizable into different shapes, sizes and designs
  • Making your company popular to the target audience
  • Increase sales
  • Make great gifts

Save your customers some time and money, then allow them to advertise for you with this promotional calendar. This is a great situation for everyone. Overall, it is a good marketing and advertising strategy with a simple gift with purchase.

Now it is time to give our Russian readers a brief summary of this post:

Японская корпорация Sigma стала одной из первых компаний, предложивших потребителям взаимозаменяемые объективы. Сегодня Sigma лидирует в области производства оптической продукции.  Купив любой объектив или камеру, Вам подарят стильный календарь. Также, календарь это отличный рекламный носитель, который помогает прорекламировать компанию и привлечь новых клиентов.