To help you understand freight process and new incoterms coming into effect from January 2011, we would like to share below graphs with you..

This Incoterm Table reflects buyer & seller responsibility for each type of shipment under the revised 11 different Incoterms governing shipment.

  • Green indicates the seller has the responsibility to provide the service
  • Blue indicates it is the buyer’s responsibility

incoterm 2011

Please note that for the terms FCA, it can be “at the sellers premises”, in this case, the seller only has to pay the costs until the goods have been loaded on the first means of transport at the sellers premises.

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What has changed since Incoterms 2000?

Incoterms 2010

For comparison, click on this table on the right, giving similar information for the 13 Incoterms used before 2010.

This graph also shows and responsibilities of each party.

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