Chipsticks - Easy Solution by Jack n' Jill

Jack ‘n Jill, a crisp snack brand, is currently running a promotional campaign in celebration of its 40th Anniversary in Hong Kong. For every pack of potato chips purchased, customers get to receive an on-pack gift; a pair of Chipsticks.

Inspired by the chopsticks’ concept, the Chipsticks has a large surface area at the end for easy grabbing. We love this promo as it resembles the spatula that Jack ‘n Jill’s potato mascot is holding (see picture) for easy brand association.

A very convenient way of enjoying potato chips, it solves the hassle of eating with your bare hands.

Offering a whole new way of eating potato chips could be a breakthrough for the brand. We are sure this promotion will be very popular in HK and rest of Asia, settling in nicely with the Chinese chopsticks culture here.