This coming Tuesday, the 1st of May, is Labour Day – a public holiday in Hong Kong, China as well as Singapore. As such, all our offices will be closed and would only reopen the following day. 

Labour Day, also known as May Day and International Worker’s Day in other countries, remembers the various protests and riots organized by workers in different parts of the world every other year on the 1st of May, to fight for better work-life balance and working environments.

This official holiday for workers is usually honored by featuring elaborate military parades but in some parts of world, by political protests and rallies. However, most workers would take this day as a break from a hectic week at work.

Do note that despite nearly every country celebrates this National holiday on the 1st of May, Canada and America commemorates this day on the 3rd of September.

Our Hong Kong staff will be looking forward to this holiday as well because it will be a day off since our exhibition at the Gifts and Premium Fair 2012, held from 27th to 30th April 2012. If you are coming down for the fair, do visit us at our booth 3G-G32.

You may also check our list of public holidays for 2012 for the days that our various offices are closed on.

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