Crumple Caps are a new unique product to stop children being hurt whilst playing sports with baseball caps on. This new product uses Neoprene to give the peak of the hat previously unheard of flexibility.

Crumple Caps- New promotional Products for sports!

Crumple Caps

The peak gives the wearer a significant amount of safety from injuring themselves falling down and from moving objects. The peak’s flexibility allows it to be used in sports where baseball caps have been banned before due to potential injuries.

These neoprene hats come in all different types of designs that can be custom made for any type of branding that your company has.

See the launch of Crumple Caps this week at the Hong Kong  Mega Show!

The flexible Crumple Cap

The caps can be used in all types of sports; Football, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Netball, Golf or Rounders.   This product is the perfect corporate gifts to schools, this benefits the company with positive brand recognition as seen in this blog on SPAR.

This innovative product can be utilized as a branding tool for any company and are soon to be a household name!!!

Contact us at The ODM Group about the Crumple Cap and find out how it can revolutionize your brand.

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