This notebook is a marketing giveaway for a 30 years anniversary celebration. What could be a better way to promote your brand than offering your customers something they use daily? Read on to find out more about how a notebook giveaway is useful in the creation of brand image.

Create Lasting Image with Notebook Giveaway!

Create Lasting Image with Notebook Giveaway!

Why is this giveaway successful?

ODMasia helps to you to customize your own notebooks. This helps to improve the brand image without spending a large sum. They provide a wide area to promote your brand. With the large company logo or visuals represented graphically, it aids in the brand recollection when people see it. When a notebook is given out, the company’s logo, name or address is being broadcasted to the customers!

Also, notebooks are extremely user-friendly. They can be used by all age groups. As such, your giveaway can be used by everyone! This makes the success rate of your marketing and advertisement higher. Not only so, you can also consider using recycled materials for such notebook giveaway. This helps to strengthen the corporate social responsibility of your business and it also builds your business in a positive light!

How to improve this giveaway?

Unique features like special colours and materials would allow the customers to anchor the brand even more. If you have more budget, you can consider using faux leather in the exterior. This is important for your company because such strong brand recall can certainly help in brand awareness and brand image! Feel free to contact our very own design team should you need any help with designing your own giveaway.

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