If someone asks you “Avez-vous des idées d’objet promotionnel à me proposer?”, it means two things. Firstly, he is probably French and the secondly, he obviously doesn’t know our blog yet. More seriously, the French promotional products market (or “marché de l’objet promotionnel en France”) is quite interesting. Let’s have a look at it.

Le marché de l’objet promotionnel en France

This young market has been first analysed very recently actually by the 2FPCO and FrancePub on March, 19th of 2012. It stated that the promotional gift market counts around 2,500 companies in France and is currently employing more than 13 000 people! They estimated the annual turnover of the objet promotionnel sector at 1.4 billion euros in 2012!

Actually, the French objet promotionnel market has suffered of the financial crisis in 2009. Its global turnover decreased by more than 30% but this bad period only last one year. Everything was going back to normal in 2010 already. If you really want the details about the objet promotionnel market, you might be interested in the growth rate. It approximately the same in every country in Europe and is, according to the European Sourcing Group, situated between 5% and 7%. Quite encouraging, isn’t it?

Who is the most famous objet promotionnel advertiser in France?

If you take the time to ask a few French, the answer is very clear: McDonald’s. The famous american fast food chain is actually using a massive number of objets promotionnels in different ways.

Objet Promotionnel McDonalds France

Objet Promotionnel from McDonald’s, France

As an example, McDonald’s France is currently offering, in the Happy Meal, these 8 Rise of the Guardians‘ characters plastic figurines.
Actually, children in general only want to go to McDonald’s in order to get the Happy Meal’s gift. The fast food chain doesn’t really have to be innovative to be efficient, as 90% of McDonald’s gifts are related to a recently released movie. However, we can ask ourselves why McDonald’s didn’t launch an objet promotionnel related to Christmas? Anyway, if you are interested in other food promotional gift, don’t hesitate to have a look at the following links:
For our French followers:
Si l’on vous demandait qui est selon vous l’entreprise qui utilise le plus d’objet promotionnel, vous répondriez probablement McDonald’s, notamment grâce au fameux Happy Meal. Une fois encore, le géant du fast food offre aux enfants, consommateurs de leur produit phare, huit petites figurines représentant chacune l’un des personnage du dernier film d’animation de Dreamworks: les 5 Légendes.