Thinking of getting a fun gift this Christmas? Look no further, because this soft foam popper is the perfect item!

Promo Gift Idea: Soft Foam Poppers

So, you must be thinking, how does this fun item work? Here are 3 simple steps to follow and you are sure to have hours of fun with popper!

  • Step 1: Pop the foam ball into the mouth of the rubber popper
  • Step 2: Aim it at something
  • Step 3: Squeeze the belly of the popper and out the ball will shoot!

This is a great promo gift as it can be customized into other shapes like your company mascot and your logo could be easily branded onto it. These would definitely increase the popularity of your product and encourage brand recognition, simply because it’s a fun item.

Now, are you game for a battle of foam poppers?

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