Looking for the perfect duffel that is suitable for a short getaway this summer? Ralph Lauren’s custom duffel would definitely be what you are looking for! Simply purchase a 4.2 oz Polo Blue Eau De Toilette Spray and you will get to receive a large weekend duffel bag that comes along with the fragrance. This custom duffel is the perfect addition to any men’s wardrobe.

It is a deep navy blue in colour with brown leather straps. The classic colours used to produce this bag provide versatility as you can easily pair it with any outfit. This duffel can dress up your outfit to make it edgy or dress it down for a more relaxed look if you are pairing it with a collared shirt and bermuda shorts. So what are you waiting for? Make your purchase on Macy’s today and this duffel will be all yours, while stocks last!

Go on a weekend getaway with Ralph Lauren’s custom duffel

Go on a weekend getaway with Ralph Lauren’s custom duffel

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a United States-based company that, designs, markets and sells men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, accessories, fragrances and home furnishings to customers worldwide.

Why offer a custom duffel?

A duffel bag serves as a practical gift that is suitable for anyone and everyone of all age groups and genders. Although it may seem that this duffel is inclined towards the masculine side, it is in fact just as suitable for the ladies as well! This duffel does not only hold a week worth of clothes but is durable as well. You can also use it on an everyday basis or even bring it along for stay overs or camps.

Brands that offer gifts tend to attract and retain more customers as compared to those that do not. Repeated purchases are often encouraged in anticipation of future promotions that one would not want to miss out! This would in turn generate more sales and revenue for the brand in the long run.