The Restaurant and Bar Trade Show is currently being held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. For those who have heard of it just now, this event is described as the “leading fine dining and bar show in Asia Pacific” by Trade Show News Network. ODM Group went there to find some cool promotional ideas.

At the Restaurant and Bar Exhibition…

We looked far and beyond, and searched every booth that exhibitors from various places have set up specifically to showcase anything and everything they can supply to their potential customers. Our team saw nice trinkets being given away by the ones from the restaurant and food equipment industry, while we wholeheartedly devoured the yummy desserts and drinks which were also part of the show. But what made us remember what we were there for – to find great marketing samples – is Pere Ventura’s bottle stopper.

Bottle Stopper by Pere Ventura

Bottle Stopper - Pere Ventura

Restaurant and Bar Trade Show – Bottle Stopper by Pere Ventura

Look at how fancy-looking it is! You champagne lovers out there, we dare you to say you don’t want one, because we all know it would be a useful product to keep the bubbly fresh and carbonated for whenever you need a well-deserved drink to celebrate a work promotion or an engagement. Other than the fact that this will not lay around your house without a purpose, this is a smart marketing strategy by Pere Ventura since the logo of the company is printed on it. Therefore, the brand has more chances of being etched in someone’s mind for a long period of time. Brand awareness, indeed, is one of the things you should target when you use merchandise as an advertising material.

This is just one of the many promotional ideas that we have seen this year. Here is one more about Fracois Lurton’s Branded Products at the VinExpo 2012.