Looking for another unique promotional product to kick start 2011? This customised puzzle will definitely catch your customer’s attention as they enjoy their drinks and the fun of assembling this puzzle. The Barrel Puzzle is similar to Hasbro’s Jenga games in a way, but can be branded to work well with your business – get your company’s name on the items and customise the shape also.  We love this Beer Keg shaped Promo.

There’s no standard shape or size for such items – may be a mini replica with a key ring. Everything depends on what your company has in mind. It can also be a maze instead of a puzzle, anything fun! Whether are you in the sportsbeverage or other industries, tell us your request and ODMasia will make it real for you.   Below more ideas for 10 pin bowling, wine bottles, rugby/football…

Still thinking of what funky ideas to provide your customers for 2010, let ODMasia help to kick-start it for you!

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