TYR is giving away a travel pouch for at least $100 spent, a micro-fibre towel for at least $200 spent and a backpack for at least $300 spent. The travel pouch is useful for keeping small items while travelling. The micro-fibre towel is great for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as photography lenses. The backpack is good for bringing items around while travelling. Find out more on how these items make great promotional products…

First of all, who is TYR?

Formed in 1988 to cater for increase demand for customization products and services in schools, clubs, sports teams and departmental stores. They are the sole licensee and distributor for TYR in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region. Connecting sport innovation with fashionable design, TYR provides the essentials for aquatic sports and fitness.

Why did they use the travel pouch, towel and backpack as a promotional gift?

The travel pouch is great for keeping small items so that you can keep your items organised while you are travelling. It comes with a drawstring and thus, it keeps the pouch secure The micro-fibre towel can be used to clean glasses or camera lenses on your travels. The backpack is durable and sturdy and it is useful for carrying your essentials to travel light.

Travel Pouch, Towel and Bag - TYR Promotional Items

Travel Pouch, Towel and Bag – TYR Promotional Items

How may the travel pouch, towel and backpack affect sales?

The travel pouch, towel and backpack are branded with TYR’s logo. This will increase brand awareness for TYR. This facilitates free advertising for TYR and will attract potential customers. It will also boost brand recall for TYR and encourage more repeat purchases from existing customers. This will increase the customer base for TYR. Ultimately, this will increase sales for TYR. The travel pouch, towel and backpack make attractive and functional promotional products for most industries. Perhaps you may want to consider using them for your next marketing campaign?