Some new and innovative watch inventions from the Electronics trade fair in HK.

Prayer Watch

Built specially for the Muslims, this watch has MP4 function to store and play Muslim prayers. Furthermore, it has navigational capability to point you the direction towards Mec’ca when you pray. This will save Muslims much time as they do not have to rush back from their activities to attend prayers at home.

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GPS Watch

This sturdy rubber watch is practical for outdoor adventures. Track your positioning and your destination to make navigation easy. In addition, various functions are included for your convenience such as monitoring, call setting and password setting. The GPS watch is available in different colors.

Nursing Thermometer Watch

Strap on this thermometer watch to monitor your loved ones temperature. A great tool to see monitor if you are falling sick, it also cost efficient as batteries are rechargeable. 2 different temperature mode, degree Celsius and Fahrenheit available. Temperature can be adjusted to detect the environment as opposed to the body.

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