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Anicomics and Game Fair

ODM staff visited the Anicomic and Games Fair held in the Hong Kong Convention Center on 1 – 4 August 2009.   This event marked the 11th year of  the material-entertainment and book fair focusing on animation, comics and games in Hong Kong.   All the major comics and game companies were present.

With categories of products and services in ACGHK extending to comic books and comic-related, animation-related and game-related products, there was aggressive marketing by exhibitors to attract the public.   Big paper bags filled with souvenirs were a key draw and this is what we found.   


Consol games led the charge and Microsoft / X-box used Environmental Friendly materials (such as Organic Cap and BPA free Bottles). Exhibitors were also distributing related-promotional products from their participating partners/sponsors.


 DSCN6625 Mascots are a simple yet desirable giftaway and were a top gift – tieing in so well with the games characters.   On top of the plush, a mini label can be attached to allow additional branding space. For more information check out our ODM plush.


Young, aspiring designers also took part in exhibiting their creations. An umbrella stored in a bottle was one of the  innovative retail item we had identified.

DSCN6626DSCN6628This outside bottle case can be customed with any logo and available in all pantone colours.  Foldable umbrella can also be personalized to your designs.