As you can see from the picture, Biotherm is offering an exquisite bathrobe as an incentive product. Spend USD 30 or more on their new product range at L’étoile stores in Russia. Luxurious promo gift is a very effective method in enticing potential customers.

Bathrobe by Biotherm

Bathrobe by Biotherm

This gift set is a great gift  for customers that understand the importance of keeping healthy skin, yet cannot always enjoy the pleasures of a spa on regular basis. Among the four different products offered, this bathrobe is the most effective promotional tool.

How does branding this bathrobe help in promoting Biotherm?

Biotherm has branded the bathrobe subtly using embroidery. Users may end up consuming all the promotional products and forget about Biotherm. This bathrobe will enforce brand recall.

Bathrobe also can increase brand awareness. Users living with friends may wear it at home while interacting with their housemate. It can even be between mother and daughter or sisters. Word of mouth is an old way of promoting your brand, but it still works well in the society.

Why spend on promotional gifts?

Promotional gifts can stimulate interest and arouse curiosity for your products or services. Choose promotional products that highlight the benefits of engaging your company for doing business. Besides that, promotional gifts can spur sales. Gift with purchase is an effective tool to drive impulse purchases. Promotional gifts must have the elements of exclusivity where your customers can only get it from you. This is the factor that increases the perceived value of the product.

And a translated version of this case study for our Russian followers:

Известный бренд Biotherm представляет своим покупателям в качестве подарка изысканный халат.  Для того чтобы его получить, Вам необходимо приобрести в магазинах L’étoile продукцию Biotherm на сумму 900 рублей или более. Хорошо продуманная рекламная акция – это хороший способ привлечь новых покупателей к Вашему бренду.