Chatelain recently came out with a GWP promotion, offering an adorable minibag with at least IDR 50,000 purchased in a single transaction.

GWP Minibag from Chatelain

This design is unique and exclusive for Chatelain’s customers, making them feel important and special. The minibag is useful for keeping coins or other items such as rings or rubber band – a perfect gift for teenage girls, its main target market. Moreover, the packaging has made these minibags enticing. Not only is it branded, the packaging has Milk Teddy printed on – Chatelain’s most prominent character.

Chatelain is one of the largest wallets and bags producers in Indonesia. It also holds other brands such as Planet Ocean and Planet Ocean Girl, and carries other range of products such as bags. This promotional campaign helps Chatelain to drive sales and increase brand awareness. The gifts have also given a higher perceived value to the products purchased. Chatelain could have branded the minibags to heighten brand recall.

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Here is a quick summary for our Indonesian readers:

Minibag cantik ini bisa didapatkan gratis dari Chatelain dengan pembelian minimal Rp50.000. Minibag ini tidak untuk dijual dan memiliki design yang unik dan eksklusif, membuat pemakainya merasa spesial. Sudah tentu hadiah promosi ini memikat hati konsumen. Program promosi ini merupakan salah satu contoh bagaimana kita bisa meningkatkan penjualan dan juga membuat konsumen semakin menyadari keberadaan perusahaan kita. Untuk promosi lainnya, ikuti saja link yang terdapat di atas.