The growing potential of the footwear market in China has been confirmed over the last few years.  Many exhibitions and trade fairs take place in China every month and it is definitely a great chance to get new ideas, see market trends and understand the different production processes.

It is very important for ODM, as a buying office, to send staff and attend these kinds of events.   Moreover, now that ODM are strongly promoting the Chinelas brand of folding shoes we are now marketing to China.

Held annually, in Shanghai, The China International Footwear Fair (CIFF) and Moda Shanghai were established to serve China’s vibrant shoemaking sector, the largest in the world. It offers an unparalleled platform for entering China’s fast-growing domestic retail market for footwear products, leather garment, travel ware, hangbags and fashion accessories.

Many of China’s best known footwear brands exhibit at CIFF also, providing overseas buyers an opportunity to evaluate some of the best Chinese products available.