Chocoolate (or :CHOCOOLATE as they like to write it) is a fashion chain selling clothes in Hong Kong. For the upcoming season, they have decided to use The Beatles theme for new summer collection! In order to further drive sales, they have also decided to offer their clients some very cool promotional gifts with purchase.

Beatles Branded Mug by Chocoolate

They are actually proposing two different promotional products : the patron can opt to have a free mug or retro alarm for every 600 or 900 HK$ spent in their stores.

As you can see in the picture, the mug is a only branded with The Beatles logo, there is no :CHOCOOLATE logo anywhere. It’s a pity because this mug is a very cool product and can be used in many ways: as a coffee cup or as a pen/toothbrush holder.

Basic items act as very good incentive products as they encourage customers to spend more in their stores to get the gift.

Beatles Retro Alarm by Chocoolate

We usually love retro products and this old-school alarm branded with the Beatles logo on it is really simple yet cool.

But once again, no :CHOCOOLATE logo on it. Basically, these two products are more of collectibles (or Beatles goodies) than real promogifts.

The Beatles are not really associated to the clothes brand in people’s mind. Nevertheless, this marketing strategy will drive sales anyway because these mugs and alarms would entice fans to collect all these products. The branding on the items also ensures brand recall.

What do you think of this strategy?

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