As part of their dairy marketing, The Muppets Movie has just hit the cinemas and Cravendale Milk recently held a promotion to create hype around the film. The United Kingdom label has branded all their milk cartons with Muppets characters as part of their dairy promotion and is giving away a Kermit backpack as well.

Cravendale and The Muppets - Kermit Backpack for Dairy Marketing

Cravendale and The Muppets – Kermit Backpack for Dairy Marketing

One can easily redeem this backpack by collecting 20 promotional codes found on the milk cartons and submit them on to the milk company’s website. The backpack not only has detachable straps but also looks exactly like Kermit from top to toe. Thus, transforming the bag into a plush.

The usage of licensed characters would make the gift an exclusive product to entice fans of the series to collect them. This not only boosts brand awareness for Cravendale but also increases the probability of an impulse buy. On the other hand, it secures free advertisement for The Muppets whenever one walks around with the back pack.

So put on your Kermit backpack and get ready to catch the movie that transcends all generations at your local cinemas now!

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What else can we use in our dairy marketing promotions?

Dairy marketing could include a few sponsorship and events where the main objective is to raise awareness. Including a few giveaways in these events could definitely boost your dairy marketing campaigns.

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