Cooler Table - Perfect POS Display for Bars

Coolers are essential in the beverage industry with so many drinks needing ice cold conditioning to be enjoyed thoroughly.

With drinks being sold everywhere from bars to convenience stores, liquor stores & supermarkets, coolers show immense potential as a promotional advertising medium. This can be a vital investment for any drinks marketing campaign.

Coolers or Eskies are versatile and we can categorise them in 2 ways….

  • Stationary POS display – place at high trafficked spots to drive up revenue
  • Use them on the go, allowing for exposure wherever they are brought…

Since many drinks are highly similar (Look at Coca Cola & Pepsi / 7Up or Sprite), brand value and what each brand do to differentiate itself is critical. Offering coolers which stand out in contrast with typical coolers which are seen everywhere could be one good option to explore.

If your budget allows, why not begin with a classy selection of metal coolers and eskies like the ones seen here?   This first one doubles as a table…

Lacquered surface and stainless steel elements add to the exclusivity and elegance of these promotional items; a high end range which stands out from the usual foam cooler boxes or buckets. 

Aesthetics wise, these coolers are a winner. This is important as attractive visuals drive impulse purchases. Often, when your customers are spoilt for choice, the first aesthetically appealing brand that comes to them plays a part in forming the impulse thought.

Utilizing a wide variety of coolers introduced here, along with on and off premise POS displays, maximum brand awareness is ensured among customers.. At the same time, with your coolers placed strategically, your customers will definitely have your brand to thank for offering these treats at the right place, at the right time.

For a more sturdy looking cooler box, you could go for the one above as well…

Dr Peppers with its ingenious solution to gain attention

Mobility could be incorporated to further add utility to the basic cooler box. In this case, bar staff could push the cooler box around for sales call, optimizing visibility. This means intangible advertising value every time someone sees the cooler box. Speakers by the sides are an ingenious idea to conquer the ears of customers to get their full  attention, besides sight.

Bright Colours are eye-catchy and plain attractive...

For alternatives, bright colours could be adopted to get the attention of the masses. With a nice sleek design and vibrant yellow, this cooler on wheels is capable of stirring up interests among onlookers and passer-bys, inducing curiosity and urge to try the beverage being advertised.

Adding an Umbrella to the basic table top cooler for enhanced visibility

Integrate other items of utility to the basic cooler allows a further use with its dual functionality. In this case, this cooler table has triple functionality (cooler, table, umbrella); an umbrella seen here not only provides shade, protecting customers rain or shine, it also heightens market presence against other brands…

Budweiser POS Display Chair

To complete the set, chip in your brand endorsed chairs as well for maximized marketability. We also carry swinging chairs with cover for 2 which could be a great idea for hangouts at bars etc, making it a favourite couple spot..

Portable Cooler Box

Portable Cooler Box

For the same exposure yet allowing your customers to enjoy your beverage on the go, you could try these stylish portable cooler boxes.

Different from the usual ice buckets/foldable or inflatable coolers, these cooler box adds a retro touch and could be a proud collectible to flaunt.. Definitely great for BBQs & Parties…

Ice Storage Coolers for Bars & Restaurants

This ice storage cooler is another great POS display besides the cooler table. These work best when placed at buffet/self service outlets where customers are to get ice themselves. This is where they see your brand – you catch them at their most vulnerable moment when they are thirsty. In this case, they will definitely crave for some Coca-Cola..

The universe of coolers are astoundingly varied, some of which are way beyond our imaginations. Its many benefits speak for themselves but most importantly, coolers define visibility at its best. Traffic heavy spots like bars especially, exemplify the need and selling power of these coolers daily, with the POS displays in the form of these coolers gathering its fair share of willing spenders.

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We recommend high end coolers are prizes for competitions!