2 glasses as gift with purchase

Here’s an interesting promo by King of Queens distillery company for the Asian market.   We have seen many drinks companies offering glasses as a gift with purchase  – see blogs on promotions by Spirits companies.

This time the Bottle Necker promo is taken to a new level by offering 2 shot glasses, one packaged inside the other.  The idea behind this is novel, but there are 2 key concerns.

  • Will the 2 glasses and the bottle packaged like this be more fragile leading to breakages.
  • Who gets to drink out of the smaller glass?

Drop tests and other quality control can be carried out to check that packaging is acceptable.

The fact that one glass is smaller than the other detracts from the idea of offering glasses as sets – that said, nesting the glasses like this really saves on packaging and is more unique on the market..

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king of queens drinks promos