From May 1st to October 31st 2010 Shanghai World Expo international fairs will be a platform for Shanghai in world affairs..  The theme of this huge event will be “Better City – Better Life” and will symbolize Shanghai status in the 21st century as a premier global economic and cultural center.

More than 190 countries and 50 international organizations will be represented and more than 70 millions visitors are expected in Shanghai for largest World’s Fair site ever.

As an International Event a Mascot/figurine has been created.  Its name is “Haibao” which means “the treasure of the seas” and its original shape already made many fans in China.   Shanghai is extremely busy as the official opening draws near and many Haibao products are sold everywhere in the city.

Our Shanghai team referenced some products for you. These products have been produced in China and can give you ideas of the wide range of promotional items China can offer.

Licensed products for Expo 2010 fall into 20 main categories including garments, toys, crafts, accessories, clocks, sports equipment, bicycles and personal care products.

Here are some examples:

– Plush

– Dartboard

– Keychain

– Figurine, inflatable Mascot, waterglobes

-Mobile phone accessories

-Pins, magnet, medal

-Clapping Haibao

– Watches

– Tee shirts, caps

– Bags

– Pillows ….

This is just a short list. Please do not hesitate to ask us for any promotional gift and quotation. Our staff will be pleased to help you sourcing for you according your requirements (design, shape, color, size…)