ODMasia attended the Fashion Access event held in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. It’s an international fair for head-to-toe fashion. The aim of this event is to help organizations to be in contact with suppliers, ranging from bags, footwear, materials & components, leather goods to lifestyle items.

In addition, all products were offered at a superior quality, sensible prices, convenient sourcing and of course the latest trends for potential buyers.

One reason for visiting was to check out market potential for our patented productchinelas folding shoes.  We also wanted to check if any other factories might have been infringing the patent.

A few other designs of folding shoe caught the interest of ODM but these shoes do not fold as well as the Chinelas and the pouches could not be used to hold heals the way our folding shoe pouch does. Cameras were not allowed into the hall therefore no pictures were taken on site.