Bring your fruits with you everywhere! This could have been the slogan for this food marketing campaign in France.

We’ve spotted this promotion at Cité-Europe, a shopping gallery close to Calais in the North of France, where these apple cases were given away.

food marketing - apple case promo gift by ODM

Idea for your food marketing campaing – Apple Case

Why did we like this food marketing promotion?

It’s never easy to find a cheap, useful and visible promotional gift. That’s why we loved these apple cases. The branded surface is large enough to be seen, they’ve printed their Facebook page link and logo on it and the product is not something people would buy by themselves but they will definitely use it if it’s offered.

food marketing - apple case open promo gift by ODM

Food marketing ideas – Opened Apple Case

This plastic case allows you to bring your apple, orange, peach or any other fruit, everywhere you go. That’s definitely the kind of case that you will bring in your bag every time you’ll travel.

French government try to find against children obesity right now and we really think that this would be the perfect marketing gift for children association or schools/university.

What do you think?

Other gift ideas for your food marketing campaign

Of course, this marketing gift is also suitable for fruit related companies. I can easily imagine a fruit juice company or an organic-food brand giving away these apple box.

If you want more ideas of food marketing gifts, we also particularly liked these banana boxes that work exactly the same way.

Food Marketing - Banana Case

Food Marketing – Banana Case

If you really want more ideas, we also suggest you to have a look at the fruits pens, banana slicers, fruits notepads, etc.

There is quite a big number of very innovative items to promote fruits as a part of a food marketing campaign, if you need any advice, feel free to contact us.