Its summer here and it looks like it will be a hot one! It is already very dry and hot across regions in Europe and getting extremely humid in other parts of the world.  Using high end bamboo fans as giveaways on your next promotional campaign can make lots of sense.

Custom Bamboo fans can be very elegant and sturdier then plastic equivalents. The large surface of the fan offers a great area to print a logo, brand name or picture. Corporations can particularly use these around sporting or artistic events.

Branded Bamboo Fan

The large print area offers great visibility for brand names or logos – as clients will use the fan to cool off from the heat other potential clients will be jealous of the bamboo fan and will constantly be eying them. Without realizing it they will be subconsciously staring at the moving brand being promoted on the fan.

Repeated use of the fan means free advertising to your companywith all eyes on your bamboo fans.

The bamboo fan can be given out as a gift or as part of a GWP campaign bundled with a product your company is trying to push to customers. Packaging for fans are extremely simple since they fold up so easily, thus taking very little space when bundled to a product.

Contact ODMasia for assistance in manufacturing and customizing bamboo fans. Check out our other blogs on summer promotional products!

What other giveaways are you planning for summer promotional campaigns?