On August 9th, Madame Figaro (a famous French magazine), was running an interesting GWP promotion. They were offering this silver bracelet to their readers:

GWP Promotion France - Silver Bracelet by Madame Figaro

GWP France – Silver Bracelet by Madame Figaro

To get this gift, customers just had to purchase the magazine in any of their local stores and they will be offered this lovely silver bracelet.

But, this promotional campaign was not run in every town in France. Only in big cities such as  Paris, Marseille, Nantes, etc, and in cities where a lot of tourists go to as holiday destinations, such as Lacanau, Saint-Malo or Fréjus, etc…

This is really very clever, as, in regards to the date of the promotion, a lot of people were on vacation and so will be in these towns. So, this initiative allows them to benefit a lot from the campaign. At the same time saving money by not running this promotion in towns lacking tourism. In fact, if no one buys the magazine, they will be throwing it out along with the gift!

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Now, just a quick summary of this article for our French readers :

Cette opération promotionnelle menée par Madame Figaro est très intéressante. Elle va tout d’abord sûrement pousser les gens à acheter le magazine (le bracelet est tout de même en argent) et ainsi augmenter leur ventes.

De plus, cette campagne est menée de façon très intelligente. En effet, distribuer ces cadeaux uniquement dans certaines grandes villes et dans certaines stations estivales majeures va leur permettre de toucher une majorité de lecteurs, tout en limitant le nombre d’invendus (et donc de pertes).