Mustela, a company which sells products for babies, is currently running a Purchase With Purchase Promotion. This promotional campaign consists of 3 different suitcases that customers will receive when purchasing their products.

PWP Promotion France - Baby Suitcases by Mustela

PWP Promotion France – Baby Suitcases by Mustela

These suitcases contain a kit of Mustela products. We think offering this gift to people who are buying the whole kit will certainly appeal a lot of people.

Besides, this is a collectible product. That is to say that there are 3 different suitcases, so people will be able to collect them all or at least to choose the color they prefer.

So we can say that this promotional campaign has much appeal and should be very successful!

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Now, a few words in French for our foreign readers :

Cette campagne promotionnelle est très intéressante. En effet, elle regroupe plusieurs concepts très efficaces, en particulier quant à l’utilisation d’objets publicitaires.

Tout d’abord, de proposer aux clients d’acquérir le cadeau uniquement s’ils achètent un kit de produits permet de gonfler le panier moyen des clients et par voie de fait, d’augmenter le chiffre d’affaires.

Par ailleurs, le fait de proposer plusieurs objets à collectionner est un concept intéressant. En effet, certains clients vont vouloir acquérir l’ensemble de la collection des produits, ce qui va permettre d’augmenter les ventes. De plus, ceci permet d’offrir plus de choix dans le cadeau qu’ils vont obtenir.