In November, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center ( the “HKIA”) will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Established to assist parties to solve their disputes, the HKIAC uses different means of resolution to break any impasse causing commercial disputes. It practices mediation -as a third party without any power to impose any settlement – along with arbitration -which results in a award of which status is very like a court judgment.

Although it was funded by the Hong-Kong government and the business community, it is totally independent of both and financially self sufficient. Since 1985, the HKIA has become one of the contributing factors making Hong-Kong an ideal place to do business in Asia.

Celebration will commence on 17 November for 3 days. Over 250 distinguished members of the dispute resolution community are expected to join in from all over the world to celebrate 25 years of the HKIAC.

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