John Varvatos is an American contemporary man fashion brand. Apart from clothes, John Varvatos also has a fragrance line which can be bought in most cosmetics stores in Russia. At the moment, all Russian fans of this brand have a chance to get a free promo gift from their favorite designer – a cosmetics bag for men.

Cosmetics Bag for Men by John Varvatos

Actually, this is quite a good idea for a promo gift. While cosmetics bag for women are very popular promotional products, you won’t find many specially designed for men. But who said that men don’t use them? This applies especially to businessmen who travel a lot – they will certainly appreciate this kind of a promo gift. Just have a look at this sophisticated, stylish and capacious tote bag that every John Varvatos follower will be happy to get.

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Our Russian followers may find a brief description of this promotion below:
Во всех магазинах ИЛЬ ДЕ БОТЭ при покупке продукции бренда John Varvatos на сумму от 2000 рублей Вы получаете в подарок мужскую косметичку. По вполне понятным причинам, мужская косметичка – не очень популярный промо-продукт. Однако, сейчас появляется все больше и больше косметических продуктов для мужчин, поэтому компании должны взять эту идею на заметку.