Jolly Shandy, a beer mix famously known for its low alcohol content (1%), is currently running a PWP campaign in all 7-Eleven outlets in HK.

Spend over HK$10 on products from Jolly Shandy.  Then add HK$ 12 and customers are able to redeem a set of Jolly Shandy’s Wild headphones

In an era when even tech must be fashionable, headphones are no exception. Adorning shades of green and black (the brand’s signature colours),  these stylish headphones don’t bring a lot to the table but is good enough as a basic listening gadget for non-audiophiles.

For a young and energetic brand, music is always a great outlet to showcase these attributes and attract the crowd. The ease of redemption further entices people to make the purchase to enjoy the deal.

Jolly Shandy understands its market well and has achieved a great feat in standing out from what other beverages have to offer. Branding may be important but it is often the choice of promotional products which will determine the success of the campaign .

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