Jolly Shandy decided to hold a marketing campaign along the bridge to Hong Kong Convention Centre, where the ACGHK is being held, this week.

Jolly Shandy frame – Animation Comics & Games Hong Kong

The aim of this street campaign was to promote their new line of Wild Jolly Shandy. The drinks company invited passers-by to take a picture with their models and gave them a complimentary Jolly Shandy frame, along with their photo, in return.

Jolly Shandy has done a great job by deciding to promote its brand next to a big event and to distribute cold drinks free of charge in the hot summer weather. This campaign was a success judging by the snaking line seen in the following picture.

Peoples waiting for their free gift

ODM thinks this is a rather creative and fresh concept opted by Jolly Shandy and giving away a picture as well as a photo frame with it, definitely helps with brand recall and increasing the brand’s visibility.

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