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Logo Watch PWP by Hong Kong MTR x Rilakkuma

ODM spotted this promotional campaign at one of the MTR station in Hong Kong. This is a logo watch with licensed character on it. It is a purchase with purchase promotional products for children.

It is a collaboration between Octopus, MTR, and other partners. The logo watch can store monetary values. It also serves as electronic transporting tickets.Using promotional gifts like this is very effective in boosting sales.

Logo Watch PWP by Hong Kong MTR x Rilakkuma

Logo Watch PWP by Hong Kong MTR x Rilakkuma

Purchase with Purchase Logo Watch

Why using purchase with purchase for this marketing campaign? This watch may seem simple but it actually has many cost factors to consider.

Using famous characters like Rilakkuma will incur us licensing fee. This permission need to be obtained from the licensor. Otherwise, we might be sued for using these characters illegally.

Although it incur extra cost, licensed character is very effective in attracting customers. The character has had some fan base we can tap on. This will certainly draw attention to our product.

Next is the invention cost. This watch is not an ordinary kid’s watch. It also works the same way as Octopus cards. Octopus cards are widely used in Hong Kong as electronic transporting tickets. This is an innovative idea that provide convenience for customer.

Impact on Branding and Sales

This poster can be found at the MTR station. Kids who pass by may notice it and highlight to their parents. Loving parents would not hesitate attending to their children’s needs and wants. This can boost sales for children schemes.

Also, when kids are using this innovative product, other kids may notice. They may ask where it came from and tell their parents about it. This will increase brand awareness of many parties. For instance, they are Rilakkuma, MTR and Octopus.

This campaign benefits all partners as it is a win win situation for all. Promotional product is a great tool to attract customers. Investing in the right product will guarantee reaping the harvest in no time!