Timberland is making use of marketing with music to help attract more customers to their shop. Previously, Timberland conducted a marketing campaign in Hong Kong. With a minimum spending of over HKD$1,800, you will receive an umbrella. This promotion was set out to promote its brand as one that is environmentally friendly, attracting consumers who are environmentally conscious.

This time round, Timberland chose to market with music by offering free headphones to usher in new customers for the opening of their new outlet at 313@Somerset, Singapore. With a minimum of SGD 250 nett spent at their new outlet, you will receive your very own headphones. These headphones are white in colour so it is suitable for anyone and everyone of all ages and genders. So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Timberland and grab your headphones now! While stocks last!

Marketing with Music - Timberland GWP

Marketing with Music – Timberland GWP

Timberland is a global manufacturer and a retailer of outdoor wear. Their focus is on footwear.  This US-based company also sells other apparel like clothes, glasses, watches and leather goods. It has grown to be an internationally renowned brand that is well loved by many all around the world.

Why make use of marketing with music?

In this day and age, many young adults as well as the middle aged population enjoy listening to music whenever and wherever they are. The main target market of Timberland Singapore is young adults. By offering these headphones as a promotional gift, they would definitely help to attract more sales for the company.

Many teenagers would instantly be drawn to this promotion when they walk past the shop. Most of them would be enticed to walk into the shop and come out with a handful of Timberland products. These headphones are high valued added gifts which can be branded to help promote the company’s brand name.

So what are you waiting for? Brand your headphones and use them as promotional gifts for your company today!