Sagabita is a Brazilian drinks company specialized in Rum. A core part of the brand communication strategy is to offer a wide range of different promotional gifts in every country.

Check out this on pack promo from Brazil. As you can see on the picture below, Sagabita offers its customers a gift pack with 6 shooters for every bottle of rum bought.  This is an excellent GWP promo for sharing with friends.

Promotional Gift - Sagabita Rum Glasses

How about this promotional product from The Netherlands?  The picture below is pretty clear : customers can get this beautiful promotional box including a bottle of Rum, two glasses and a mortar : all you need to make a good mojito !   Again the promotional products are displayed in a nice gift box.

Gift With Purchase - Sagatiba Mojito Set

Sagatiba shows another part of their strategy with this POS Display in the UK.  This solid oak dispensing tray holds all the tools to make the perfect cocktail.  This is a high end offering for bars, but we would love to see something like this as a gift with purchase

On Pack Promo - Sagatiba Oak Tray

Sagabita found some very interesting ways to promote its drinks. Using locally-adapted strategy in each country is the best way to appeal new customers and drive sales!

Whilst using different promotional products strategies in different markets works well, using the same promotional product on multiple markets does bring along great economies to scale.   Check out other articles on our blog to get inspiration for developing unique promotional products – see tag on Cocktails & Spirits

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