With so many patent pending stickers at the recent trade shows we felt that it would be good to offer our clients a special for the upcoming shows.    Got a great idea that might warrant protection? Been offered a unique product in China which might be patented in your country?    Then read on….

  • Over 3,000 patent searches conducted to date !!
  • Intellectual Property Consultants in London
  • Delivery by electronic report within 5 working days
  • Regular price US$ 348.
  • www.Mindsparkz.com

More info on the types of patent searches we offer below.

A patentability or novelty search examines granted and published applications of major patent offices as well as domain-relevant non-patent literature. You will receive a concise search report containing citations to sections of any prior art found and electronic copies of the referenced documents.

An invalidity search seeks to uncover patents or other published prior art that may render a granted patent invalid. Invalidity search results consist of a search report, a claims mapping chart, and electronic copies of the prior art cited.

A freedom to operate search examines the claims language of third-party in-force patents and is typically conducted as due diligence to assess the risk of potential infringement.

Show Special @ HK Gifts show.  World Wide Prior Art Search @ just US$ 298.