Being one of the most popular drinks in the world, coffee never goes out of demand. That is the reason why the coffee market is so extensive, with lots of brands trying to overtake each other. To stand out this competition coffee brands adopt various marketing strategies. For example, Russian coffee brand Paulig is now holding a great promotional campaign giving away tote bags for 2 packs of coffee bought and French  coffee press for 6 packs.

French press and Tote Bag by Paulig, Russia

Alongside your promotional gifts you will also get a flyer with a promo-code, which you should register on the Paulig Coffee website. Hence, you will have a chance to win lots of coffee packs, cups or even a mini-café set, including a coffee machine, a table, 4 chairs, a tent and lots of coffee cups of course!

Promo Gifts by Paulig

How amazing does this sound? An exclusive offer, indeed! And a great incentive to boost sales. In addition, all the promotional items are branded which will create brand awareness.

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A brief review of this promotion for our Russian readers:

Новая масштабная промо-акция от кофейной марки Paulig: приобретите 2 упаковки кофе и получите сумку, а за 6 упаковок Вам подарят френч пресс! Но и это еще не все. С подарком не забудьте забрать промо-листовку, в которой указан уникальный промо-код. Зарегистрируйте его на официальном сайте и получите шанс выиграть набор кофемана или даже мини-кафе! Весьма заманчивое предложение для всех любителей кофе и не только.