French Press as Promo Gift

In an highly competitive business, such as coffee, promotional gifts may make all the difference between a glance or a sale from a customer.  Simple on-pack promos like coffee cups are common items on display by big coffee brands.

A relatively simple tool for brewing coffee, the French press may certainly seem like an unorthodox choice for a promotional product but with the right occasion, the French press exudes out a certain elegance that is hard for other promotional products to emulate.

As a result, coffee companies may be able to promote themselves as a luxury brand to customers when the French press is bundled with their products due to the French press’s high end look.

Also the French press offers great synergy to brewed coffee companies as it can help introduce new customers (those without more expensive/sophisticated coffee makers) to brew their own fresh coffee thus increasing the overall market. A company logo printed onto the press ensures additional long term branding and advertising benefits.

Promo Gift for Coffee Lovers

In addition, due to its high end nature as a promotional gift, a French press may also function well as a promotional gift for employees during corporate events.      Some Themes that this promo can work really well with…..

  • adrenaline
  • waking up
  • working hard
  • late night study
  • Pressure

Our Tea Tool also works well as a promo along the same line, but the Thematic symbolism is just so different.