Procter & Gamble in Denmark is currently running a marketing campaign. Whenever customers buy their products they can go to the official P&G website, P&G Facebook page or mobile app and register them to collect bonus points which they can later exchange to promotional gifts. The promotional items that can be obtained are backpacks, balls, towels, sports clothes, Gillette shavers and electric toothbrushes – all branded by the company logo.

P&G Bonus Gift

P&G Bonus Gift

They have even made a pretty cool video with a clear explanation of the promotion mechanism, which is a really good idea in this case. The video will guarantee that the customers will do everything right and the promotional gifts will reach the market and boost the brand awareness for the company.

Check out the video:

P&G Bonus Promotional Gift

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A few words for our Danish readers:

Når du køber produkter fra P&G kan du registrere dine produkter og derved samle point for at få flotte reklamegaver. Dette er super effektiv måde at få kunderne til at holde sig til et bestemt mærke og samtidig få dem ind på Facebook siden, mobil app eller hjemmesiden.