A recent visit to duty free stores in Hong Kong and one would definitely notice that the miniature versions of the alcohol bottles is the latest trend for liquor promotional gifts!

Here we have noted a few popular versions. From the left: Drambuie, Wenjun, Auchentoshan, Benedictine, Xi Wine.

Promo ideas: Mini liquor bottle replicas

Do not belittle how this small promotional item can be a powerful marketing tool. Similar to the larger versions of the drink, the small bottle’s label or signature brand is prominently printed on the product. This would not only enforce strong brand recognition but also enhance brand recognition as it is exactly the same as the larger versions of the drink. Furthermore, it would also entice fans of the brand to buy the drink, in efforts to collect the mini bottle.

If you have a drinking event, this could also be a great gift to remember the occasion. Doesn’t this item remind you of ODM’s Stadium Replica?

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