Thinking of an ordinary product that could be turned into something special? Tampinese 1, shopping mall in Singapore, previously held this redemption campaign. Simply spend S$100 (US$70 approx) to get a Foldable Bear Bag!

Redemption Promo: Bear Foldable Bag…

Following our previous post of Kites in a Bag, this promotional gift could be folded up into the shape of a bear! A very interesting product that are great for both the adults and kids! When folded, their children could hug it as a plush toy or just hang it around. When opened, their parents could use it as a shopping bag. Conventional product that has a multi purpose usage!

This promotional item can be easily manufactured by just opening a mould and one could also print their logo on the center of the bear. Customization could also be done to both the interior and exterior, a customized zip using embossing would be recommended too! This fun looking promotional product could capture the attention of others on the streets, a form of branding for your company too.

ODM has done many plush toys before as well, check out our website here!

How do you fold your bag?

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