Britvic launched a major marketing augmented reality offensive through its brand Robinsons Fruit Shoot to boost sales. This promotional event kicked off on June last year and lasted 4 months : it was probably one of its longest-running on-pack promotions for them.

This promotional offer was based on the ‘Champion of the Playground’ game. In this game, children had to create a personal avatar and take part in augmented reality skills-based playground games, to earn points and move up a digital leaderboard.

Promotional Gift - Robison's Fruit Shoot Bag

Prize-draw winners received “skills kits” containing a bag and a webcam, a digitised skipping rope and a digitised hackeysack.

This kind of promotional product could help keep children entertained over the summer months and beyond, providing retailers with a promotion that really engages children and encourages them to stay active. These promotional gifts are a excellent way to increase your notoriety, your brand image with children to finally drive sales.

Do you think that virtual promotional products are better than tangible promotional gifts?

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