Sensation in Asia this summer !

Sensation in Asia this summer !

Sensation, one of the leading world dance events is being held this year in Asia (Korea, Thailand  and Taiwan) from July to September. Heineken is the biggest partner of this event and they are informing whoever they can about it.

This event has already been set in a lot of countries all over the world, since 2000. Such as Australia, Chile, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Norway, Romania, Spain, Brasil, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine.

So as you can see this is really the first time they’ve come to Asia and it is going to be legendary!

Promotional Gifts HK - Heineken silicon barcelets

Promotional Gifts HK – Heineken silicon barcelets

For instance, they were offering these really cool bracelets in the Hong Kong streets this week end. Moreover, the people who were offering this gift were dressed like if they were going to a really crazy party, so people stopped to find out what it was about. Most took the bracelets, and a brochure for the Asia tour. Besides, this bracelet is a little bit different from the one we are used to because it is printed, not only on the outside, but also on the inside face. This is quite unusual because it is quite difficult to print something on this face, but they managed to do so!

Promotional Gifts HK - Heineken & Sensation silicon barcelets

Promotional Gifts HK – Heineken & Sensation silicon barcelets

These silicon bracelets are really interesting gifts. In fact, when people are getting it, they generally put it on straight away do not take it off for a very long time without putting it of. This is due to the fact that you can keep it in the shower, when you are sleeping,etc…

The main consequence of this is the fact that customers will see the name of your brand and the message a lot of time, and will imprint in their mind!

What do you think of those gifts ? Are they appealing you?



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