One of our staff visited the Hong Kong Electronics Trade Fair Gifts show to collect some ideas for promotional gift items. This is one of the items found at the trade show, the Silicon Horn Amplifier for iPhone/iPod. Read on to find out more about this cool promotional gift that you may want to consider giving out to your customers!

Sleek and Trendy Promotional Gift- Silicon Horn Amplifier

Sleek and Trendy Promotional Gift- Silicon Horn Amplifier

Many companies are turning to Apple-related promotional products for their marketing campaign, due to the increasing popularity of Apple’s gadgets. The Economist magazine is one such company that offered free iPhone/iPod Docks as promotional gift for every subscription package signed. Another example is Vitasoy offering a Groupon package including retro Vitasoy iPhone 4 cases with their company logo branded on it and Vitasoy vouchers for less than USD$ 30.

How does this promotional gift works?

This sleek yet trendy promotional gift not only acts as an amplifier for your iPhones or iPods, it can also be used as a display item to be placed on your desk or shelf. The silicon horn amplifier basically amplifies the sounds that come out of the gadget placed over the mouth and it will exit from the horn opening. Take a look at this video to see how it actually works!

Promotional Gift to Boost Sales

This is a very cool product as it is able to amplify sounds/music without the use of batteries. One, it helps users save money on purchasing batteries to withstand the usage of this product. Two, it saves the earth by using less energy resources.

The promotional gift can be designed in a variety of colors to suit a larger group of audiences with different color preferences. With the variation in colors of the silicon horn amplifier, it would also be able to attract more attention to the product.


Branding your promotional gift is crucial in helping your company generate more sales. By adding your company logo and/or details on the silicon horn amplifier, it would help increase brand awareness for your company. Other people who come across these promotional gifts would be able to learn of your company brand name. Furthermore, brand loyalty is enhanced when users use your branded promotional gift. This allows your brand name to be etched in their mind. A simple branding of company logo could mean more money for your company.

Nowadays, more and more people are into Apple’s products, mainly for the iPhones. So, what is the promotional gift that would attract the most people? The answer is no doubt a gift that is related to iPhones, the Silicon Horn Amplifier.

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