Ever struggled to choose a really creative and appealing product for your marketing campaign?  Read our case study to get inspired by Jagermesier‘s custom amplifier giveaway in the States.

Custom Amplifier by Jagermeister in the USA
By using a custom amplifier, your consumers can satisfy their sensitive sense of hearing and enjoy the products you’re offering. For instance, the wooden mobile amplifier by Jagermeister in the USA was a huge hit not just for consumers who are music lovers but also for those who patronize Jagermeister for years. An amplifier is one of the newest items that many companies love to offer to their consumers.

When Jagermeister released the Custom Triple XXX amplifiers, it was used to back-line the Jagermeister Music Tour in the year 2003. It was attended by thousands of Jagermeister customers and concert goers.

What we love about this custom amplifier:

Custom Amplifier by Jagermeister in the USA

  • Design and style of the amplifier – one of the biggest selling factor of the gift set – Jagermeister bottle packed with the branded amplifier – is it’s design and style. The stylish and sleek look of the amplifier is what attracts the consumers to buy the liquor. Like other brands across the world, Jagermeister wows to offer products that come with an eye-catching design.
  • Suitability to mobile devices – this particular amplifier by Jagermeister fits different units of mobile devices up to an iPhone 6+ and other smart phones with equivalent sizes.
  • Sustainable materials – the famous liquor brand chose wood for their marketing product, which allows to keep the marketing budget comparatively low and at the same to have the hight quality and eco-friendly product.

Thus, if you want to offer something new to get your customers attention, an amplifier just like the one offered by Jagermeister is a good choice. It is definitely unique and customers will love it as it is useful most especially for music lovers and audiophiles. Works well not only for drinks promotion, but basically for any industry.

In ODM Group, we conduct rigorous product testing for electronic products to guarantee that the highest standards will be met.

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