Brands' Promotional Mini Fan GWP

It’s scorching these days in Hong Kong and we could really use a mini electronic fan during such weather.

Brands Essence of Chicken seems to know what its customers are thinking and are offering them just that – a handy mini fan as a gift with purchase for its chicken essence daily supplements.   This promotion is at Watsons Pharmacies in HK.

Brands helps customers prepare to be in tip top condition in face of daily demands of life with its invigorating supplements. Their mission is further enforced through the use of promotional products as the brand plays a part in helping recipients beat the summer heat as well.

A nice flower themed design and a timely launch enable this promotion to be a successful one. Simple but clever!

Small details like this help cement Brands as a trusted health and wellness icon, the people’s choice…

For something more oriental, you could check out ODM’s very own pen fan!  See also blog on high end hand fans also which can be decorated in a very stylish manner.