The hockey puck as well as being a sports item and merchandise regular can also make a great promotional product. As seen with footballs which can be cheaply made, easily branded and have mass appeal. The hockey puck can have a similar effect as a marketing tool. Granted its appeal will only be felt in countries that enjoy the sport. However in countries where hockey is the national sport, its power as a marketing gift is great. Canada, Sweden, Finland and Russia can all consider hockey as the most followed sports in the country.

Promotional Product Hockey Puck

Promotional Product Hockey Puck


How can the hockey puck be used as a promotional product.

First off all it is an easily made item that as a promotional product does not have to meet the same standards that a regulation hockey puck must do.  The large round surface makes a perfect area for branding and as a puck is all black, any colour or logo will really stand out.

As on pack promotion

Due to its size it would be easily utilized as an on-pack promotion or GWP. As Hockey is a male oriented sport some certain brands could really use this to their advantage such as beer brands, sport equipment manufacturers or hardware providers. A Beer case on pack promotion with a branded hockey puck would be the perfect example where a beer brand could drive sales during an international hockey tournament for example.

Commemorative item

The example in the picture is of a celebratory hockey puck that was branded with the Finnish national hockey team logo and the caption of 6-1. The puck is commemorative item from when Finland beat Sweden by the amazing scoreline of 6-1 in the finals of the European hockey championships. The item no doubt was a much cherished item in Finland.