Pet owners will love this awesome promotion held by Kitekat in Russia. The participating packs of Kitekat cat food has a promo-code inside, which you have to register on the official site of this promotional campaign or send it in an SMS-message to 2420. For each code sent or registered, you get your bonus points. Make sure you go for the bigger packs to get more bonuses.

For 5 bonuses, you will redeem 7 packs of Kitekat cat food, while for 10 bonuses saved you will get a unique Anti-Skid Cat Bowl!

Anti-Skid Cat Bowl by Kitekat, Russia

It is a great promo-invention, indeed. This Anti-Skid Cat Bowl will suit even the most active pets!

In addition, every hour computer randomly picks one participant who will be entitled to a wonderful Cat Travel Bag!

Promotional Travel Cat Bag by Kitekat, Russia

A very useful item during the summer time for those, who just can’t leave their beloved pets at home when travelling.

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Here is a summary of this promotion for our Russian followers:

Собираетесь отдохнуть на природе, но не хотите оставлять Вашего любимого питомца дома? Тогда эта промо-акция от Kitekat для Вас! Покупайте корм Kitekat, регистрируйте промо-коды с упаковок, копите баллы и получайте подарки: запас корма, сумку-переноску и уникальную миску с нескользящим ковриком! С такими подарками Ваш питомец будет чувствовать себя комфортно даже далеко от дома.