Kinder Chocolate has launched an interesting promotional contest in Russia. It only takes 5 easy steps to participate in this lucky draw:

  1. Register on the Kinder Chocolate Promotional Website
  2. Make a video of your kid on a following topic: ‘Who do you want to be when you grow up and why?’
  3. Upload your video on the website
  4. Enter 5 promo-codes from the participating packs of Kinder Chololate to activate your application
  5. Ask your friends to vote for you!

One winner receiving the People’s Choice Award will have their kids printed on the billboards all across Russia! 6 winners will also take part in shooting a new commercial as well as appearing on the Kinder chocolate packaging!

Kinder Chocolate Promotional Video Contest

The promotional prizes offered are a video camera and a star master projector. The latter is indeed a perfect new idea of promotional gift!

Promotional Gift Idea – Star Master Projector

As you can see from the picture above, this projector will make one feel like they are under a sky full of stars. The promotional items are also prominently branded for better brand recognition.

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A brief summary of this promotion for our Russian followers:

Рассмотренный кейс – очень привлекательная промо-акция. Возможность стать победителем всегда стимулируют людей к участию, особенно когда можно выиграть такие замечательные призы. Kinder Chocolate завоюет лояльность покупателей и приобретет много новых поклонников.